Darshini Torul recently joined UpCRM in March 2023 as a Salesforce technical and functional consultant. As a member of the Tech-tastic Women group at UpCRM, she took the opportunity of the current “Women in focus: UpCRM” series to introduce herself and share the reasons why she joined the company, as well as provide insights into her job.

Hi Darshini, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Darshini Torul, born and raised in Mauritius. I hold an undergraduate degree in Microbiology but then I pursued a Masters degree in Applied Software Technologies, with a specialization in Salesforce. I have worked in the Salesforce team of a multinational company in Mauritius for 3 years, after which I moved to Luxembourg for new career opportunities.


How did you join UpCRM?

I learned about UpCRM during my job hunting phase in Luxembourg through the ADEM society. I further learned about the company’s missions and vision through the website, which showed promising opportunities for professional and personal growth. I applied for the Salesforce consultant position in 2022 and was contacted for a first interview to discuss my expectations, career vision, professional path and the requirements of the company. During my second interview, the technical skills were further discussed to match the prospective clients’ expectations. In 2023, I finally joined the UpCRM team and began this new journey.

What are your expectations, both professionally and personally, about joining UpCRM?

My professional target is to familiarize myself further to the Luxembourgish Salesforce market. I would also like to gain more knowledge in various client industries.

On a personal level, I aim to continuously upskill myself to deliver higher quality customized solutions to clients, primarily through additional Salesforce certifications and the on-job experience.

As a Salesforce consultant, can you explain to us, in a few words, what is your job about?

The main aim of a Salesforce consultant is to help a business get the most out of their Salesforce CRM. The process starts with a business analysis with the client to understand their business goals and processes, understand pain points and the expectations. This is followed by the design and implementations of solutions to enhance the business processes and performance. Also, a consultant would recommend new features and improvements to optimize and increase use of the platform.

What do you daily like most about your job?

The role as a Salesforce Consultant brings both the exciting and challenging aspects. In a client-facing role, it is important to be updated with Salesforce releases to provide the clients with industry-best practices and help to configure their working environment based on business processes. I also get to interact with all types of clients with different personalities, communication styles, and experience levels.

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