Ivy has recently joined UpCRM in September 2023 as a Senior Developer.

So, let’s dive into our interview with Ivy, where she tells us all about her history in the Salesforce world and the main skills needed to be successful in the industry, all while sharing bits of her personal life.

Hi Ivy, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi, my name is Ivy Fang Li and I’m currently a Senior Developer at UpCRM. Normally in China my name is Li Fang which is the most common family name there, but in Europe I’m Ivy. I have been working in Salesforce for more than 10 years, to be exact 12. I like trying new things and most of all looking for a new life for me and my family, which is why I came to Luxembourg.

How did you join UpCRM?

During the past several years, the whole world seems to be facing some economic problems. especially when there are some new laws that prevent data from crossing the border. In my country, China, there are some problems about Salesforce, as we don’t really have a lot of marketing opportunities and chances. This was the first reason for which I decided to move. I also know Patrick Yang from UpCRM, who gave me the idea to look for new opportunities elsewhere. So, I started sending my resume in various companies all over the world, and finally I figured out that I could come to UpCRM. After a referral from Patrick Yang, I had several discussions with Yves Leblond and Patrick Ittah, and I realised there were many kinds of roles in the company, that would give me the opportunity to evolve. I have been a developer for many years, and the company is making it possible for me to change and become a business analyst. The opportunity here was really attractive and that’s why I came to UpCRM.

Can you share with us your journey into the world of Salesforce?

Yes, of course. I graduated in 2011 and my major is not related to information technology. After I graduated, I felt some pressure about getting a job, and I couldn’t get one with my own major. So, I started looking for some internships opportunities. I found out there was an opportunity to become an Information Technology Trainee. I went to that company and completed a half year training, and like that I joined my first company of center China. And from day one I started immediately working with Salesforce. At first it was really difficult, as it was completely different from my major. And after a few years I found out that there were posting of information technology all over the world, and I had to seize the opportunity to work with salesforce. Because of that, I started learning a lot of related information, I tried writing lots of codes and reading many related materials, and I tried to participate in many projects. By doing all of this I started to appreciate Salesforce more and more, and now I have a career in it.

In your opinion, what are some of the key skills and qualities that are essential for success as a Salesforce Senior developer?

Going from doing only development work to participate in consultant projects, made me more aware of the different skills needed for each job. Because of that, I think that to be a successful developer the main skills and qualities are patience and carefulness. You also must talk with the clients. Sometimes the best practices don’t work with certain clients, because codes can differ based on their needs and situations. This is the reason why effective communication between a developer and a client is an essential tool.

How have you adapted to life and work in Luxembourg?

I have to say that my colleagues have made this adaptation much easier. Almost every month we have an event internally in the company, and even if I don’t have a lot of friends here, I can always talk with my colleagues. They always provide me with support and advice, whenever I’m facing problems.

I grew up in a very different environment, with a different culture and background. We always change opinion and ways of doing things. But in French there is the phrase “c’est la vie”, which means that I must always keep an open and active mind, to try new things, to prove that I am living. Because of that, I always try to see something new, to face this life and do my best. Coming here has surely required adapting, but I am grateful for it.

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