Laetitia Fischer confides about her personal and professional journey in the frame of the “Women in focus:UpCRM” series. She shares her experience working as a Sales & Administrative Assistant at UpCRM and highlights the challenges, stakes and difficulties of her job. This interview provides insights into her daily tasks, as well as her perspective on working in a human-scale company.

Hi Laetitia, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Laetitia, and my close relatives call me Laeti 😊. I was born in Strasbourg but grew up near Metz to be closer to where my dad worked in Luxembourg, and then at the Luxemburgish border so I’ve been a French border dweller forever.

Although I wanted to be a florist when I was younger, I eventually pursued a career in sales assistantship and had rapidly the opportunity to work in the IT Field, and I’ve stayed in this field ever since!

On a more personal level, I’m 45 years old and have two kids aged 8 and 16. I’ve been playing tennis for years and enjoy walking, spending time with my family and cooking. Although I’m not a florist today, I still have a taste for flowers and everything related to decoration.

How did you join UpCRM?

After completing my studies, I gained experience in various companies. I worked alongside Patrick Ittah for five years as an Internal Sales, developing a deep understanding of the sales process. Later, I worked as an Order and Finance Coordinator for a competing company for ten years, where I broadened my expertise in the quote-to-cash process. After my previous employer acquired this company, I returned to them, this time in a different role, working in the financial department. This experience gave me a whole new perspective.

Finally, I decided to join UpCRM to take a new challenge, which felt like coming back to “family”. This sales, administrative & financial job is more diverse than any of my previous positions.

What do you enjoy most about working in the UpCRM environment?

Many things! First and foremost, I appreciate the flexibility and autonomy to organize my work as I see fit, while also receiving excellent support from my colleagues and managers when needed. This balance between trust and assistance is very gratifying.

Moreover, something else I love about working here is that UpCRM is a human-scale company. This is a family-like company with a convivial atmosphere and a strong team spirit. We often organise small events and have parties, which contribute to a positive work environment.

At UpCRM, we’re growing in a cosmopolitan environment, which allows me to exchange with colleagues from different cultures and learn more about their experiences and countries. It is very enriching.

Finally, my job at UpCRM has enabled me to develop new competences and broaden my knowledge in the IT field. I have learned to work outside of my comfort zone to develop new skills and discover new environment such as Salesforce. It’s a rewarding experience.

Can you describe your main tasks as a Sales and Administrative Assistant?

My main tasks as a Sales and Administrative Assistant include managing all license orders and renewals as well as invoicing follow-up and monitoring timesheets for our consultants. I also participate in the weekly operating committee meetings. Additionally, I handle services billing for our clients and manage bill payments towards our suppliers. I assist in writing price offers and support in the setup of administrative processes.

Actually, every day is different, my tasks can vary a lot. But there are things I daily do, but generally I prioritize urgent requests as they arise too. So, I adapt and usually work in accordance with the priorities.

What type(s) of difficulties do you encounter in this position?

Managing multiple projects or tasks at the same time can be challenging, as it requires juggling different requests. I sometimes have several parallel tasks from different projects with similar priorities, making it difficult to determine which task to focus on first. Deciding which one is more important than another is a delicate responsibility.

What advice could you give to a student who would like to do this job?

Following the aforementioned element, this position often requires juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. Therefore, it’s essential to be highly organized and structured. Additionally, cultivating curiosity and a willingness to learn new things will be valuable for your career growth and development. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!

Although this position can vary by organization, the advice I’ve given applies to all situations.

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