BMedical Systems is a company established in Luxembourg since 1979, producing medical refrigeration systems exported in the entire world.

They supply three main ranges of products: Cold Chain, Medical Refrigeration and Blood Management.

  • Cold Chain concerns refrigerators and coolers which allow to transport and conserve vaccines in the most extreme places, even the Sahara. These devices are able to work without electrical installation thanks to integrated solar panels.
  • Medical Refrigeration and Blood Management cover every size of fridges and tools to freeze blood and conserve medical material. Their high reliability allow to conserve these sensitive substances for days even in case of critical power failure.

Firstly a branch of Electrolux, BMedical Systems has grown into an independent and renown company, with more than 50% of the worldwide market shares of Cold Chain and around 10% of the Medical Refrigeration and Blood Management shares. They have a great confidence in their products and freely provide 10 years of warranty and live monitoring of the devices.

BMedical called in Salesforce to help their Sales Department and get a better view of the data contained in its ERP. Teams also required a tool able to manage contracts, quotes & events management, that’s why we deployed Sales Cloud and CPQ.

  • Our first release covered several elements like Accounts, Products or Visit Reports and allows Sales to easily share information with their manager.
  • Next steps are CPQ and a second CRM release that aims to provide them the possibility to handle Contracts, Quotes or Events directly in Salesforce.

Their most impressive product could be the « Ultra16 SDD », designed to work in tropical and desertic areas:

  • Able to keep 16L of vaccines safe, for more than 20 days in the desert or more than a month in the rest of the world!
  • Specifications

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BMedical Systems