Ownbackup is #1 cloud data protection platform for Salesforce. UpCRM is now partnering with the organisation to reinforce its value proposition and support at best its clients. Yves Leblond, Co-Founder, UpCRM explains today to what extent Ownbackup will interact with the company.

OwnbackupWhy working with OwnBackup?

The most strategic motivation to add Ownbackup to our solution portfolio is obvious.
We couldn’t let a product whose name is ending by ‘UP’ outside of it.

We all know that Salesforce is a strong reliable solution, backed up by a robust infrastructure and as I speak now, none of my clients suffered from a loss of data caused by a Salesforce failure since I work with this solution… That was end of May 2008… Almost 13 years… in 13 days…

There may be some other grounds for such a partnership decision between UpCRM and OwnBackup.

Business Continuity

The CRM increasingly interacts with other systems; more and more processes are implemented in the CRM or cooperate with CRM data; ever more users are active in the CRM environment and a huge amount of data is injected in the CRM. Therefore, the potential of meeting issues with inconsistent data in the CRM increases exponentially every month.

When your duty is to operate a CRM platform, you must permanently be in capacity of bringing back your CRM to a precise past data state in order to restore a consistent execution environment if needed.
Worst, you also have to do this for only specific sections of these data set, based on business rules specific to your organisation, or related to the specific context of the causes that triggered the data issues.
That is not about ‘just’ asking salesforce support team to go back in time: that involve a business understanding of the data themselves.
And here starts the operational support nightmare… and, as all professionals know, it always happens on a Friday 13th, right before Halloween, when nobody is there to help…

At this point, when you have been on duty in such circumstances, you remember that you always need to be fully confident and in total control of the data situation, meaning:
– to have access to a reliable software providing a full and well organised archiving of you CRM data from a business perspective, providing a clear understanding of what happened to your data, and, more important providing a clear and intelligible GUI in order to act with precision when restoring partially or totally the CRM data environment
– to be in contact with professional who knows how to configure, deploy and manage such a solution.
Now you are ready to meet your two best friends for backup management: Ownbackup and UpCRM, two partners engaged in helping you to master your Data Lifecycle.

Additional advantages

More than strongly backing up the continuity of your business, the Ownbackup product suite will help your organisation:
– while managing the different data environment involved in the CRM support and evolution activities (like tests environment, evaluation environment and so on).
– in allowing CRM data archiving process, in accordance with the compliance rules you have to respect.

Cooperate for your CRM success

At UpCRM, we strongly believe that we are here to assist you while building your CRM platform, and we proved it in the past.
We also believe we have to stay by your side while operating it. We have done it in the past and we want to support you more and more, every day.
To do so, we use the best tools in each domain of concern, Ownbackup being one of them. That is simple, that is Up.

Sure, we have to discuss about this soon, but avoid the 13th of June.

More information: https://www.ownbackup.com