Welcome to Trier Users within the Salesforce User Group Community!


UpCRM is proud to announce the creation of the Trier, Germany Salesforce User Group!

René Görgens, Senior Architect in the UpCRM team, is the founder and leader of this regional Trailblazer Community Group. René has 11 years of experience with the Salesforce platform and currently holds 6 certifications from Salesforce university. He is an avid networker who loves to attend community events. René has practiced community engagement for several years during his philosophy studies at the University of Trier, where he helped organise social events for fellow students. He continues this tradition by mentoring the newly created Student Community Trailblazer Group at the University of Trier.


Both groups, the Trier User Group and the University of Trier Student Group, will closely cooperate in organising regular local Trailblazer events, such as round tables, Ohana Coffees, Salesforce Saturdays, and other attractive formats. You can find – and join! – the groups in the Trailblazer Community under the following links:


UpCRM freut sich über die neu gegründete Trier, Germany Salesforce User Group!

René Görgens, Senior Architect im UpCRM Team, ist der Gründer und Leiter dieser regionalen Trailblazer Community Group. René verfügt über 11 Jahre Erfahrung mit der Salesforce-Plattform und zur Zeit 6 Zertifizierungen von der Salesforce University. Er liebt es, Networking zu betreiben und an Community-Veranstaltungen teilzunehmen. René hat Community Engagement während seines Philosophiestudiums an der Universität Trier jahrelang praktiziert, wo er dabei half, für Kommilitonen soziale Events zu organisieren. Er setzt diese Tradition fort, indem er sich als Mentor in der neu gegründeten Student Community Trailblazer Group an der Universität Trier engagiert.


Beide Gruppen, die Trierer User Group und die Universität Trier Student Group, werden bei der Organisation von lokalen Trailblazer Events, wie Stammtischen, Ohana Coffees, Salesforce Saturdays und weiteren attraktiven Formaten eng zusammen-arbeiten. Sie können die Gruppen in der Trailblazer Community unter folgenden Links finden – und Ihnen beitreten:

Join the Trier, Germany Salesforce User Group

Student Group: Universität Trier


RG Business Analysis Day

A few words from René Görgens:

« I enjoy delivering well architected enterprise applications on Salesforce.com, including out of the box functionalities, custom developments, or both. I have more than 11 years of Salesforce.com experience at many levels.

My field of experience is multi-faceted including project management, architecture and hands-on development responsibilities. I have a passion for making cross-functional communication happen and for providing rock-solid, operationally excellent functionality to the business.

I embrace creativity and prefer to test ideas quickly, then to improve them iteratively. Nonetheless it is often a long way from the idea to the final product and despite a quick start, it takes patience and stamina to arrive at the finish line! »

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