Talend he has just unveiled his 2021 survey, please find below interesting keys about Data Quality.

Data surrounds us, but too much corporate data isn’t ready to act on. The information exists, but it isn’t visible, it isn’t reliable, it isn’t well understood, and its business value isn’t known.

Not enough leaders are making data-driven decisions

Most surveyed executives work with data every day. They must be making the majority of their decisions based on data, right? As it turns out more than a third are not.

What’s going wrong?

Executives face too many challenges in using data effectively. Ensuring data quality is a leading concern.

Only 40% of executives always trust the data they work with.

Your relationship with data matters

Executives work with data in one of three ways:

Data producers primarily deliver data to the rest of the organization
Data users primarily analyze data
Data sharers work on both sides of data

Data sharers struggle with data the least, understand data the best, and make more data-driven decisions.

I struggle to effectively work with data in my organization:
• Producers (32%)
• Users (21%)
• Sharers (18%)

I make decisions based on data more often than on opinions:
• Sharers (46%)
• Producers (36%)
• Users (33%)

We need to align on data quality

More than half of executives either say there are no standards for data quality at their company, or they don’t knowwhether standards exist.

No wonder they can’t be sure that the data surrounding them is ready to act on!

Does your organization have documented standards to assess the quality of its data?

• Yes (44%)
• No (37%)
• I don’t know (19%)

95% of execs agree there should be cross-industry standards to assess the quality of all enterprise data.

Key takeaways:

• Become a company of data sharers
• Adopt cross-industry quality standards

Focus on data health to ensure your data is decision-ready:

• Prevention – identify and resolve data challenges before they can cause damage
• Treatment – implement technologies and people to cure problems flagged in the data
• Cultural support – document and embrace cooperative data monitoring and management

With a deeper understanding of their data and a common language of data quality, leaders can recognize their corporate data as a whole, living entity, and actively participate in a comprehensive system to measure and maintain its well-being — a concept we call “data health.”

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Talend is your data healthy
Talend is your data healthy
Talend is your data healthy
Talend is your data healthy