Salesforce Admins Podcast

In a recent Salesforce Admins Podcast, Matt Skogman, VP of Sales at Skogman Homes (USA), gave the four foundational keys: authority, budget, decision-making, and tech.

To listen the complete podcast click here: Salesforce Admins Podcast with Matt Skogman

Getting adoption is the key to everything.

If your team doesn’t use the platform, then it’s not going to do you much good.

The keys to successfully implementing Salesforce are authority, budget, decision-making, and tech :

Authority: You need someone with a good understanding of your business processes to help guide your team.

Budget: You need to invest resources in the platform and get help when you need it.

Decision-making: Leadership needs to be on board with implementation and make decisions quickly based on the insights you obtain.

Tech: You’ve got to have tech-friendly people in charge of how Salesforce works with your business, and understand when you need time to troubleshoot.

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