Léa Emalieu is a Senior Salesforce Developer at UpCRM. She confides with us in the frame of the “Women in focus: UpCRM” series, sharing her words about both her professional and personal life.

Hi Léa, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Léa Emalieu, I’m 34 years old. I’m of Cameroonian nationality. I was born and raised in Cameroon, until I graduated from high school. Then, I went to Italy to study biomedical engineering and got my master’s degree. During the two years of my master, I chose the technical sector, more oriented towards programming languages. After my master’s degree, I was hired as an intern, and more precisely as a Salesforce developer, in a multinational company, hence my beginnings in the world of CRM. I worked in Italy since 2017 for a few years, and in 2021, I decided to move to Luxembourg.

How did you join UpCRM?

I integrated UpCRM thanks to a friend with whom I did my university studies. We almost have the same path, from Cameroon to Italy, and we both are married and have children. Once he arrived in Luxembourg in 2019, he started to work for the company. He made me understand that work opportunities were better here, and that the Grand Duché was the ideal place to educate children. Here, they learn to speak at least 4 languages, such as Luxembourgish, German, French, English. He therefore suggested my profile to the UpCRM team, which was followed by several interviews. I finally joined UpCRM at the end of 2021.

What were your expectations, both professionally and personally, when you joined UpCRM?

My professional expectations when I joined UpCRM were to deepen my knowledge in the vast world of solutions that Salesforce offers, according to each need and the diversity of customers.

My personal expectations were those of integrating into a new country, of being supervised and not disappoint UpCRM’s expectations.

They both have been fulfilled.

As a Senior Salesforce Developer, can you explain to us, in a few words, what is your job about?

Customer Relationship Management – CRM – is used by different kind of structures and allows the follow-up and the satisfaction of the customers, while guaranteeing the development of the company.

As a Senior Salesforce Developer, I participate in meetings with customers to understand their needs in Salesforce. I then work with the functional team to design an architecture that meets the client’s needs. Once the solution is proposed and approved, I proceed to its development and its realization. After this step, we have the test and refactor phase with the client. Once these tests are conclusive, I move on to the deployment phase in the customer’s production environment and finally, we put in place the phase of monitoring the use of the solution.

What does a typical day as a Senior Salesforce Developer at UpCRM look like?

During a typically day as a Salesforce Developer, I used to have daily calls with customers – when necessary – to define the task of the day. I also mostly spend the day by implementing a solution, monitoring existing solutions, fixing bugs,…

Furthermore, I often do meetings with customers to define their vision in the future and offer them the best solutions. Finally, I sometimes have trainings and make personal research to take stock of new Salesforce solutions.

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