Today, we thought interesting to share with you this article on the 3 ways Artificial Intelligence can boost your CRM.

While customer relationship management systems have made data accessible, processing and analyzing that data is time- and resource-consuming for many businesses. And that is where the A.I comes in.

AI makes intelligent connections to tell team members who is buying what and what they’re most likely to buy in the future. The result is not only a better conversion rate and improved productivity, but also a better relationships with customers.

Various applications of AI are already being utilized on a daily basis by B2B companies. In sales, AI tools help employees manage cluttered inboxes and close deals quickly. Intelligent autoresponders ensure follow-ups happen automatically, and tools that identify positive and negative responses prioritize the most pressing leads.

Here are three ways where those decision-makers can leverage AI within their CRM platforms to great effect.

Response Time

Timing is still everything, and converting customers largely depends on how long it takes you to reach out to them. With AI-powered communication, businesses can be more efficient in their response times and drive more sales. In a drift survey of 433 companies on lead response times, only 7 percent reported responding within 5 minutes, while 55 percent still hadn’t responded after 5 business days. Wondering how to improve your speed? The 10 companies that had the fastest response times all used live chat on their websites.

Smart Targeting

When identifying your target market, casting a wide net tends to bring in a whole lot of nothing. Narrow your focus, and use AI to comb through CRM data and find your best customers. Identifying your ideal buyer will ensure your message resonates within a smaller group.

Improved Personalization

Clickable subject lines, actionable emails, and faster responses benefit both the sender and the recipient. Whether you find it lazy or intuitive, AI tools can write effective email copy for you by analyzing previous communications.



As a member of the Paperjam Club, UpCRM hosted on November 16th the workshop on Artificial Intelligence, with Yves Leblond co-founder and partner at UpCRM and Patrick Simon, director of Keyrus, as speakers. This workshop linked the A.I and how it impacts the marketing, why use it and how ? Here you will find some photos of the workshop, we had very positives feedback, a ranked of 4.375/5 was assigned by attendees!










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