Hello Stéphane, glad to welcome you at UpCRM as Lead Data Architect, thanks for joining the Team!

Stéphane UpCRM

Would you like to tell us a bit more about you?


To tell you about my professional path, let’s go back to my studies… I first graduated of physical education, but then I went to Computer Science and loved it! Now I have more than 20 years of experience in that field. I am from Belgium but I mostly worked in Luxembourg since 2000. I am in data integration for more than 15 years now.

During my working life I practised in different fields; healthcare (patient files, follow ups, etc. which is quite close to a CRM), Banking, mostly fund industry (more than 10 years – UBS, Spuerkeess), Banking Clearing at Euroclear and Clearstream (stocks, derivatives, cash settlement), Retail (Cactus, for last 4 years).

I had a great experience at UBS, we didn’t have much limits prior to financial crisis (2008), afterwards atmosphere became truly poisonous and the branch was sold off.

Previous Position:

Then, at Cactus I led the B2B partners integration, the aim was to automate the whole order process, from orders placement to payment through invoicing and shipping. Another main challenge was to automate resuppluying; we had to find the right balance between shelf facing, safety stocks and limiting stocks heavy costs. The risks was to have to downsize on several positions requiring manual and repetitive tasks such as invoicing control. It took me a year to put the new process in place, once flows were fine-tuned we then deployed it over 25 points of sales.

I heard about this open Data Architect position within UpCRM through Yves – I met him while both working for CTG. At that moment in time, after 4 years at Cactus I felt up for a new challenge and wanted to learn different technologies. My role within UpCRM is to integrate data into Salesforce, after making sure it fits the mold, through Talend, our data integration partner.

To finish; a few words about me

I am passionate about Old Timer cars which I restore. Then I can cruise around with wife & children. I enjoy cycling, running and trail in forest!

I am already working on several projects, in Financial Services, Retail and Real Estate universes, with Maximilien, Julien and Johnny.

I’m glad to join the UpCRM growing team and be part of a great momentum!