Salesforce and Tableau join forces for better analytics and AI predictions

After one year of work, Salesforce and Tableau Software announce bringing together Tableau and Einstein Analytics.

Tableau and Salesforce customers will be able to realize the following benefits:

Connect to any data: Whether external data, Salesforce data, or any other data, you’ll have a simpler experience connecting to the data that matters to you.

Powerful analytics for everyone: Bringing together the amazing visual analytics capabilities of Tableau with the deep AI capabilities of Einstein Analytics will empower users of all skill levels.

Insights for anyone, anywhere: We’re creating an experience that will help everyone take action faster—whether you’re a Tableau user or in the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce’s Einstein Discovery to bring AI predictions to Tableau:

Einstein dashboard extension: A new dashboard extension will arm Tableau dashboards with predictions, explanations, and suggestions to improve predicted outcomes from Einstein Discovery—right within Tableau vizzes. Anyone accessing the viz can get a glimpse into the future, and even suggested actions to take—all with no coding required.

Einstein Calc: We’re also integrating Einstein Discovery into Tableau’s calculation engine. Using the prediction capability is as simple as creating a calculated field with the new Einstein Discovery connection type. By simply dragging and dropping your predictive calculation onto your viz, you’ll get real-time predictions powered by Einstein Discovery.

Bulk scoring and predictive insights in Prep Builder: Tableau Prep Builder has brought data prep to even more people by making data prep easy and visual. Introducing Einstein Discovery to Prep will allow you to add a prediction node as a step in your prep flow and bring prediction factors and improvements into your data set.

Next step includes data access capabilities that make it easier to access data managed in Tableau or in Salesforce, from within either application:

Tableau querying Einstein Analytics data sets: Tableau will be able to query data stored in Einstein Analytics, opening up deep exploration capabilities of Tableau queries for CRM data. This combines the scale, performance, and security of the Einstein Analytics data sets with the industry-leading data exploration experience within Tableau.

Einstein Analytics writing to Tableau: Einstein Analytics will be able to write data to Tableau, creating extracts in Tableau containing Salesforce data.

Tableau Prep writing to Einstein Analytics: Tableau Prep will be able to write to both Tableau and Einstein Analytics, so you can use the right platform for your needs.

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