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Is Data really the new Oil?

Dear Customer, Dear Partner,
‘Data is the new gold’ or ‘the new oil’ is one of most repeated mantra of the last months. Indeed, hidden costs of non-properly  managed data are often under  estimated and the potential of dividends for users data is going exponential. The recent acquisition of Tableau software by Salesforce for more than $15 billion  shows the importance of data analysis and visualization.

At UpCRM we already built several offerings to increase data quality & data analysis, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further details. Will your data be your new oil? At least we’ll help you to fuel your CRM and other IT systems with best data governance to offer your customers and employees the best possible experience!

While Summer is now definitely here, the entire UpCRM team wishes you with a few days in advance a great time. Let’s surf on this energy-heatwave to tick all the boxes and enjoy well deserved summer vacation!

– Patrick –

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