The UpCRM Team Luxembourg is continuing to grow with new talents!

First of all let me wish you a warm welcome to our Team!

Shall we start with an introduction of each of you ?

UpCRM Team Luxembourg Quentin Souquet

Sure, I’ll start! Quentin, 24yo, NICT Specialised Engineer from Paris. I’m really into BI and Big Data so at UpCRM I work mostly on Talend projects with Stéphane. I didn’t know about CRM Solutions before joining the UpCRM Team Luxembourg but I was very curious to learn new skills and Solutions, so when Chloé detected my profile on Linked In I jumped to the occasion and came to Luxembourg.

Quentin Souquet

Data Consultant intern

I guess it’s my turn now! Guillaume, 28yo, I graduated from SupInfo Troyes. I studied with Julien in year 1 and 5; I spent these 3 years in between in China, I’m now an advanced Mandarin speaker! I did my internship with Thales, a great experience. Then, I accomplished one of my dream job; I worked as streamer for 2 years, to create content for the video game industry. I already had an interest for CRM Solutions as I always learn new skills about business in various fields so the challenge of starting a new job wasn’t frightening me!

UpCRM Team Luxembourg Guillaume Lecuiller

Guillaume Lecuillier

CRM Consultant

UpCRM Team Luxembourg Baptiste Boilley

As we kept the best for the end… Baptiste, 32yo, Embedded Software Engineer with a passion for Robotics. After my studies I had the opportunity to work for SOPRA Group and then for Arhs Cube as Java Consultant where I was in charge of development, team & project management, tests structuring, architecture, databases, administration etc.

My latest experience was only made of development so I lost track of what I like to do ; the human part of the job. When I updated my Linked Profile, Chloé picked me up and presented me the Consultant position, requiring an hands-on person so we had a match! I also really felt a sense of meaning as UpCRM has a dedicated approach to Nonprofit structures.

Baptiste Boilley

Consultant CRM

Thanks guys for introducing yourselves, now a few questions…

What makes you wake up in the morning?

  • Guillaume: a true appetite for learning, to progress! It can be in sports, nutrition, work-related or other topic to discover.
  • Baptiste: I think I really look for a meaning, an interest such as “what I am going to learn today, on which topics am I going to help people ? Let’s see what awaits me!”

What’s your motto?

  • Quentin: there isn’t a useless knowledge
  • Guillaume: treat others like you would like to be treated
  • Baptiste: if there isn’t a solution, then, there’s no problem!

What’s your weakness?

  • Baptiste: definitely food, matured meat above everything else, blue of course!
  • Quentin: mine is a glass of Pastis… with a slice of chocolate cake…

If you could pick a Mentor, who would it be?

  • Quentin: I choose Elon Musk without hesitation, during the first years of the phenomenon. He was ambitious, wasn’t afraid of crazy ideas, a real go-getter
  • Baptiste: for me it would be Terry Gillian from Monty Python. For his English humour but mostly because he experienced misfortune in life but he always bounced back
  • Guillaume: I can’t choose only one person, I am truly influenced by my relatives and I appreciate each for different character traits.