TeamUP is growing ! Johnny Msaoubaa, Salesforce CRM Consultant chose to join UpCRM to take part in this amazing adventure.

Would you like to know more about him? UpCRM asked him some questions to introduce our new TeamUp member.


Hi Johnny, first, welcome at Up! Could you tell us a bit more about you ?

I have studied Computer Sciences and obtained a Masters 1 degree in web development from the Lebanese University. I have two and a half years experience in development and consulting on different platforms including Salesforce, Talend, Outsystems and have used different programming languages like Java and C#.

I’m passionate about technology and development and enjoy working on the latest solutions that will facilitate and add value to our clients’ daily tasks while keeping them up to date with the latest innovations in tech.

What is exactly your role at Up Consulting ?

As a CRM Consultant, my main responsibility will be the development and configuration of Salesforce solutions that will meet our clients’ expectations.

What is a typical work day for you, and which projects are you currently working on ?

In a typical work day I’ll be working on different projects, completing various development, configuration and data integration tasks, I’ll also attend client meetings and workshops.

What are your main professional challenges ?

My main professional challenge will be to stay up to date with the cutting edge innovations that are synonymous with the Salesforce platform. In order to successfully complete this challenge I look forward to achieving various Salesforce University certifications and keep up with the successive platform releases and new features.

What do you prefer most in your work ?

Personally I prefer the satisfaction of a job well done and of adding real value to our clients’ daily work.

What is your motto or philosophy ?

My Philosophy : “Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right” (Henry Ford).

What is the next training/next conference/professional event you would like to do/go to and why ?

I would like to attend any events related to the latest innovations in Salesforce, a good example would be the next Salesforce Luxembourg User Group (SLUG) because it would help me reach my objective of staying up to date with the latest features Salesforce has to offer.

What could put you in a bad mood in the morning when you arrive at the office ?

Not much really, I’m too busy thinking about how to make the best of my day.

And finally, why Up Consulting ?

In life you either go up or down and frankly who doesn’t want to go Up ? :)