Frédéric Bellenger

Hi, my name is Frederic

I am UpCRM new CRM Data Architect Consultant

“I have been working with Salesforce since 2008 after having completed an MBA in “Consulting and Management of Technologies”. Before that, I worked in virtually all areas of IT Engineering (application analysis and development, support engineer, system administrator and engineer, hardware integrator, project manager) for companies of all sizes and in all sectors, giving me a clear vision and a deep knowledge of Business Information Systems as well as on-premise systems issues.

With Salesforce, I followed a similar path, starting as an Administrator and Support Engineer, then evolving to more technical functions like Technical Architect and Solution Architect. In this latter role, I setup Salesforce and built the associated application taking on all aspects of an application building: analysis, design, development, delivery, user training. I like working in this fascinating universe that is the Salesforce eco-system, in constant evolution, offering consultants ever more features and possibilities allowing to build ever more efficient applications.

When I don’t deliver high quality applications (;-), I like to practice brisk walking and be the lead guitarist of the Pop-Rock group that I recently joined.”