Today, when many companies are moving online, marketers face serious challenges. They have to analyze marketing efficiency and collect important marketing KPIs, such as ROI, for example. To be able to build dashboard of marketing KPIs they need first to integrate their marketing channels, collect, clean and standardize channel specific marketing data. This is where Datorama comes very handy.

Current mainstream approach used by many companies, is to integrate channels one by one with CRM system. However, this is very long and expensive process, that may take several years. Marketers need more innovative approach, to be able to perform marketing activities today, based on accurate, clean, and timely channel data.

Datorama Funnel Performance

Funnel Performance

Purchased a couple of years ago by Salesforce, Datorama quickly became a modern marketers dream, allowing instantly integrate data from different marketing channels. What is more, this application allows to clean, standardize and analyze marketing data on the fly. Having all necessary data integrated, clean and standardized, marketers can analyze the marketing campaigns’ performance, build a sales pipeline, calculate ROI. It also gets other important insights into their segment-channel-content-time specific performance.

Datorama TotalConnect enables integrations using prebuilt connectors not only with other salesforce modules, such as sales cloud, marketing cloud, Pardot, Analytics, but also with most popular CRM systems, advertising platforms, social media and other marketing channels. Datorama speeds up data integration and unification processes of an organization. By connecting to Datorama customers gain an immediate access to the numerous data sources that would not be possible to do so quickly using standard 1-to-1 channel integrations. Indeed, each integration can take several months and a lot of effort.

Datorama Marketing Vendors

Marketing Vendors

After data is connected and unified, it can be visualized in Datorama Insights Engine – AI powered visualization engine. Here marketers can build and monitor multi-channel reports and dashboards with important marketing KPIs.
What is more, Datorama has an Action Center where marketing flows can be automated across different media channels.

Having business user-oriented interface, Datorama does not require complicated technical knowledge. It can be successfully utilized by innovative and technologically advanced marketing teams of 21st century.

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Dimitri AmarandosArticle written by Dimitri Amarandos.
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