These 5 Revolutionary Technologies will dominate 2017, as seen by UpCRM & Salesforce

To begin correctly 2017 UpCRM chose for you a really interesting subject highlighted, thought and written by Salesforce. Each year the inventions, sciences and technologies worlds are changing. Many innovative technologies are governing our life. In 2017, everyone will be talking about the new innovations of the year? We decided to help you to be involved in conversations and to give you an overview of 5 revolutionary technologies which are going to have a lot of success this year.


First one: Low-code/ no-code platforms take the burden off IT

In May 2016, Forbes declared low-code and no code development to now be enterprise-class. In layman’s terms, that means that the market for low-code/ no-code technology has finally arrived, now that larger businesses are recognizing the value of empowering ‘citizen developers.’ Business leaders understand that they need powerful employee and customer-facing apps to keep pace with the speed of business, but until recently, IT teams were the only ones able to build them. So a simple solution surfaced: why not offer tools that empower non-technical business users to build and maintain apps? Aside from freeing IT to focus on larger, strategic projects, low-code platforms provide new ways for IT to partner with business users more effectively to roll out innovations that used to take years.


Second one: Artificial intelligence dominates the conversation

It seems like artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips lately. And no wonder: a $14-$33 trillion “annual creative disruption impact” by 2025 proves that this is not going to be a passing trend. Last year, you might have read about how AI defeated top players in strategy games, or how Mark Zuckerburg spent his year building a digital butler like Iron Man’s Jarvis…