Le Facteur Humain

Dear Customer, Dear Partner,

This unprecedented period has emphasized the absolute necessity to accelerate spreading and adoption of Digital Technology. It has highlighted how companies could react and adapt fast, as well as the pertinence of anticipation in taking IT architecture decisions to build agile and resilient organizations.

Powerful, mobile, open, secure and scalable cloud and collaborative solutions were certainly critical for companies’ ability to handle quick and efficient reorganization.

The UpCRM Teams continued from day one to support our customers without any services’ interruption. We also took these last weeks as an opportunity to finalize several projects: general adoption of new collaborative solutions, launch of our new website and lastly the awaited… new UpCRM Customer Portal.

These moves are part of the current transformation of UpCRM towards an Agile, Networked, CRM Consulting and Delivery company.

This challenging period was another proof of one of the UpCRM core values: we are deeply convinced that above any technology or process consideration, the Human Factor is and will remain essential in our fast evolving world. Thus we decided to dedicate this edition to our new joiners, coming from across the globe to contribute to the success of our customer projects, and to ELA, a courageous association we are proudly supporting.

Stay safe, see you soon!
– Patrick –

UpCRM tele-onboards new consultants!


Let us introduce you Raphaël who joins the UpTeam as Senior Architect:

Working on the Salesforce ecosystem since 2008, he will deploy his wide experience and expertise on your projects. 13 Salesforce Certifications strong, he is an expert in Salesforce Platform, Sales, Service and Community Clouds.


You may already have met Renan & Stedy:

Renan joined the UpTeam as Salesforce Developer. He enjoys “working with solutions, making life easier and of course the development: the logic behind it.”

Salesforce Consultant, Stedy joined the UpTeam late 2019, he already brings his experience in developing & configuring Salesforce for many UpCRM’s clients.”


And last but not least, here’s Mirela starting in May as Salesforce Consultant.

Mirela is eager to join the UpTeam, after graduating in nanotechnologies, she discovered the Salesforce ecosystem, “in need of a new challenge, I chose IT and joined CapGemini. I got to work 2 years on a utility sector project as Technical Consultant.”

Read More about our newcomers

Latest Updates!

Service Continuum:

Our service commitment and responsibility towards our clients and partners in Luxembourg have never been stronger as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, our action plan to maintain our services to our clients is based on a dedicated corporate response within our team in place.

Stay Safe, get all the info >

UpCRM New Website!

The UpCRM Team is proud to announce the official release of its new website, where you can find useful information about CRM & Data Solutions.

Let’s Browse >

The two regulators of the financial sector in Luxembourg, the CSSF and the CAA, have issued clarifications and new measures to support and clarify a number of points for regulated entities in their day-to-day management of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

See Regulators Response >

Tableau and Salesforce recently launched a free resource page with data and visualizations about coronavirus and public health response. check back daily for updates on the latest accurate and meaningful information, data, and visualizations around COVID-19.

Check the Global Tracker >

New UpCRM Customer Portal:

The new UpCRM Customer Portal will allow our customers to interact with us regarding all activities related to creation, support and evolution of their Salesforce environment.

  • The first step aims to optimize all UpCRM Customer Support activities: case opening, documentation & follow up, service contract management, service pool of hours management, invoicing information and of course a Customer Chatter Group.
  • Will follow as a second step, project management activities support including project work-plan management, project deliverable access & tracking and project meeting organization & follow up.

The UpCRM Portal will be the Hub allowing all UpCRM collaborators and customers to work together efficiently to achieve their common goal: Get the most of their CRM Platform and Investment!

A pilot phase will be launched in the coming weeks, with a couple of volunteer customers. So if you’re Up to the challenge, raise your hand and contact Patrick Hermes!

I take part in pilot phase!

We Care!


UpCRM proudly supports ELA Luxembourg

Founded in 2006 by Jean-Paul Friedrich, ELA is looking to finance a clinical trial in 2020. “Wear Your trainers” is expected to federate over 100 organizations, 5,000+ participants for over 20,000,000 steps.
To achieve its missions, ELA is developing a 100% Made in Luxembourg app.

Every step counts, any clic, follow,
share, donation will make a difference!
Join the Move >