Salesforce has just released a new feature to increase administrator’s productivity. The Admin Center gather all the admin’s key workspaces in one place.

It is a central command center to monitor and take quick action on key admin responsibilities. There are access to guided setup flows, learning, and improved org management tools. This admin page is customizable in a way that works for you, to see all critical information you need to manage your Salesforce org.

Salesforce Admin Center

What the admin center will do for you :

– Find in a single pane view of the most important things you need to manage your org
– View the latest Optimizer recommendations
– Find Security Health Check results, and notifications of impacts to your org
– Access easily into additional specialized Centers
– Get tailored guidance from Salesforce to help you set up and manage your org & prepare for releases
– Access easily Prescriptive Setup and other recommended guided checklists
– Take guided lists with you in a companion view that is easily accessible anywhere in your org
– Access new and improved Support resources with Open Support Cases, self-service options, and fast way to contact Support within your org
– Customize Admin Center according to how you work, by choose Salesforce components, Partner components, and even your own components
– Access streamlined versions of your most frequent tasks, such as managing users and importing data

The admin center will get soon more features :

– Component notifying admins of upcoming relevant Pilots
– Impact assessment graph to understand downstream impact of a change

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