The event platform: Whova

The conference: Two days of content(ment)

🌵 The vulnerability theme

The intersection of security and integration architecture was especially in the limelight. Did you know that Salesforce doesn’t do any virus scanning for uploaded files? Did you know that Lightning APIs can be accessed even without a user interface and provide access to an org’s metadata and data in unforeseen ways?

🌵 The quality theme

Another focus was on delivering changes quickly and reliably. For this to happen, you need a good DevOps process and a well-working defect management. The ideal being to do frequent, smaller releases while avoiding that any defects make it into production.

🌵 The integration theme

Last not least, in todays API-driven economy, you need to be creative when it comes to integrating Salesforce with other systems in order to unlock additional value drivers across the digital landscape.

  • Daniel Peter, Making your Salesforce + Slack Apps even cooler with Salesforce Functions

🌵 The road to #CTA

I particularly enjoyed Steve Simpson’s great kick-off session on “Scaling the Architect Pyramid, DEV to CTA, from a Certified Architect Instructor” and will be following his precious advice.


I found 🌵 Cactusforce 2023 to be an excellent community-led conference with great content for multiple audiences. Many thanks to the organisers, sponsors, speakers & attendees! 🙌🏽

🌵☀️🌵 Some Cactusforce posts

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