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Flechtwerk Jobst

Focus on your mission

« Flechtwerk 2+1 GmbH For children with two homes »

Jobst Munderlein, CEO and Founder of Mein Papa kommt! will explain how Flechtwerk leverages the Salesforce CRM solution to support its activities, based on their strong expertise in the field of multlilocal family life, connecting children with their parents after separation when far distances complicate life.
Flechtwerk visiting program “Mein Papa Kommt” (“Daddy is Coming”) for non-resident fathers and mothers was awarded as “startsocial” winner by chancellor Angela Merkel in 2012. Lisa

Choose the right solution:

Technology can change the world when used for good! puts the world’s best technology in the hands of nonprofits and educational institutions, so that they connect their nonprofit organizations and accelerate their impact.
Lisa Grotenrath, Account Executive at, will present the program in charge of nonprofit organizations, and how your organisation can take benefit from it.

Yves Leblond

Set the path to success:

Key success factors for CRM Implementation to support the development of Nonprofit Organizations

Yves Leblond, Director of Consulting and Innovation at UpCRM, a partner will present a structured approach to set up a CRM environment that supports a better engagement of the different stakeholders of a Nonprofit Organization. A structured project approach to help non-profit organisation to provide the best Customer Experience for Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Employees and Funders.

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