UpCRM - Seven years !

« Unique Passion Customer first Reliable Motivation »

SalesforceAnn Heyvaert, Director Industries & Partners BeLux @ Salesforce

« Thanks to the UP team we’ve been able to UPgrade and UPscale our CRM system – a big thumb UP 👍 to Patrick and Yves and their sUPer team! »

La Mondiale EuropartnerLoïc Le Foll, CEO @ La Mondiale Europartner

« Bon anniversaire UpCRM !!! Déjà 7 années ? Ou seulement 7 années ? 7 ans, c’est l’âge où l’on gagne en autonomie, en structure, en maturité, comme un bon vin… Que cette bonification n’occulte pas votre esprit start-up ! »

AxaOlivier Vansteelandt, CIO @ AXA Luxembourg & AXA Wealth Europe

« UpCRM really live up to their reputation ; a strong and reliable partner »

Lombard Assurances InternationalAlexia Goettmann, @ Lombard International
« UpCRM is our SalesForce Partner since 2 years. We would like to celebrate the anniversary and at the same time the two years which were very rich in experience to build a SalesForce Solution to better manage our Customer Relationship, our Training sessions and so much more….Today we look forward to the future challenges to be resolve together. »
PetillancesKathrin Bermes, Senior Trainer & DBVC Coach @ Petillances
“I started my collaboration with UpCRM a bit more than 2 years ago, when I joined Alter Domus. From the very first day, I could feel the dynamic, the flexibility and the creativity. With time, our collaboration has grown to become a strong relationship. Projects have piled up and all what I could feel at the first days of our collaboration was proven right. And to all that, I now also add expertise and dedication. Congratulations to you guys. Great achievement. Great Team. Thanks for all your hard work.”
AlterdomusMattias De Mol, Head of Central Pricing Desk @ alterDomus

« Depuis ses débuts, UpCRM nous a fidèlement accompagné dans le passage du papier au WEB pour le business de nos clients. Grâce à UPCRM Logdirect aborde sereinement la fin de son virage digital en concrétisant son premier projet IA au sein du Service Client. Ces 7 années semblent peu à l’échelle d’une vie mais elles ont été déterminantes pour nous. Longue vie à UPCRM. »

LogDirectChristian Tekem, Trust And Compliance Manager @ LOGDIRECT

« Happy anniversary to UpCRM! Time flies, already 7 years of best in class service to our trailblazer community in Luxembourg. We share the same passion for customer success and innovation to support our community to complete their vision. Keep it up ;) »

SalesforceEnea Taga, Account Executive @ Salesforce Belux

« A very well deserved happy birthday to the team of UpCRM. The leadership of Salesforce is very proud of your unique adventure, sparkled with learning & strong partnerships throughout the past 7 years. You all, for those who joined more recently to those being there for 7 years, you are what makes UpCRM a company that stands for: dedication, transparency, energy with a fun team spirit to jointly work on customer success. Thank you and we look forward to continuing serving your great Luxembourg network. »

SalesforceCarmina Coenen, Deputy Country Leader & Max Swerdlow, Country Leader Belgium & Luxembourg, @ Salesforce BeLux

« UpCRM played an instrumental role in developing the Luxembourg market for some years. It was great to see and experience both a collaborative and professional approach by the UpCRM Team in the different deals we did together. Keep up the good work! »

Peter Bogman, Account Executive @ Salesforce Belux

« Always a pleasure to work with Patrick and his specialized local team. Not only understanding the technology and the customers but also the local dynamics is key for being successful in the Luxembourg market. Your support is highly appreciated! »

Benoit Somers, Regional Vice President @ Salesforce North EMEA

« I am delighted to have joined recently which also gives me the opportunity to get back in touch with Patrick Ittah, and his new team, after so many long years. He clearly hasn’t changed: uneroded business acumen, as pragmatic as ever, same engaging personality, team builder, invariably positive, energetic and quality-driven. I look forward to and count on UpCRM to help us take the Salesforce business in Luxembourg to the next level$$$ and above! »

SalesforceEric Chaineux, Strategic Account Manager @ Salesforce

« UpCRM is a loyal partner who contributes to the success of Salesforce. Its experience, expertise and agility is not only appreciated by Salesforce but definitely also by its customers. I look forward to many mutual successes in the years to come »

SalesforceEdwin Van Waes, Senior Regional Vice President @ Salesforce

« Fondation de Luxembourg congratulates UpCRM and its founders Patrick and Yves on their seventh anniversary and look forward to our future collaboration. »

Fondation de LuxembourgEsther Meyer, Office Manager @ Fondation de Luxembourg
UpCRM - Seven years !