The richness & vastness of Salesforce environment functionalities and the specific customizations of your CRM require training sessions to ensure a proper knowledge transfer and unleash the full potential of your CRM system.

We deliver concrete & ready-to-use on-site trainings, during or after implementation based on your specific environment and needs.

Our range of trainings covers: user training, environment usage training, advanced user training, coaching and documentation.

We also provide Workshops & Trainings to improve Sales performance ; become a trusted advisor for your clients and promote your activities! At UpCRM, we always link sales best-practices with an optimal usage of your very own CRM system.

As the Salesforce Authorized Training Reseller Partner in Luxembourg we are your contact point regarding Salesforce delivered Trainings.

UpCRM is an Accredited Training Center in Luxembourg.

UpCRM Training Academy

Since 2013, UpCRM allows Salesforce users to take full advantage of their Salesforce Platform. We went a step further to promote a continuous improvement of the Salesforce Platform potential, by launching a Training Academy in Luxembourg. The first of its kind.

A dedicated set of trainings will be held in Luxembourg by our Salesforce Certified Consultants, to small groups using a pragmatic approach during short sessions. Whether you are an admin or a business user, we aim to give you the essentials to leverage your usage of Salesforce.

Our program will be strengthened and enriched with new sessions in coming months. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We also provide customized on-premises trainings for your teams.

It’s time to level Up’ your skills and expertise on Salesforce with the new UpCRM Academy. You’ll find below the first sessions held in Luxembourg!

Salesforce Reports & Dashboards

May 26 @ 8 h 00 min - 12 h 30 min

What’s on? Discover how to create, share or subscribe to reports & display your reports data in dynamic dashboards. Introduction Reporting Concepts: objects, report types, reports & dashboards Report types: list, summary, matrix & joint reports State Editor Report organization: groups, roles & folders Advanced features: Bucket Fields, formulas Dashboards [...]

Salesforce Summer’20 Key Highlights Features

June 4 @ 14 h 00 min - 17 h 30 min

What's On? Stay tuned to get this session agenda! Session will start at 14h, until 17h30, with a coffee break and time for exchanges & questions – Content may be subject to change – – Please note Registration is Mandatory – [...]

What's On ? This training aims to give you the essential knowledge and best practices enabling you to manage your day-to-day Salesforce organization. User Setup Security & Access Analytics - Reports & Dashboards AppExchange GDPR Individual Object Content might be subject to change Please note Registration is Mandatory   [...]

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Webinars & Resources

Webinars & Resources

Webinars & Resources

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Vendors dedicated Trainings